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Elon Musk’s Controversial Social Media Post


Nov 16, 2023 #Elon Musk, #Jewish

Elon Musk’s controversial. Elon Musk recently got into hot water for agreeing with an antisemitic post on a social media platform he owns. The post claimed that Jewish communities spread hate against White people, and Musk chimed in saying, “You have said the actual truth.”

The Content of the Antisemitic Post

The post mentioned that Jewish communities promote hatred towards White people, claiming they do the same kind of hate-spreading they say they want to stop. It even talked about a conspiracy theory where “hordes of minorities” flood Western countries to reduce the White population there. This theory has been linked to hate groups and even to a person convicted for killing 11 worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018, a truly awful attack against Jews in America.

Musk’s Clarifications…Sort of

After the uproar, Musk tried to backpedal a bit. He said he doesn’t believe all Jewish communities hate White people. But he took a swing at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), saying they unfairly bash the majority of the Western world, even though most people there support Jewish folks and Israel.

Misplaced Accusations

Musk pointed fingers at the ADL, saying they promote racism against White and Asian folks, which he finds totally unacceptable. He’s pretty fed up with it all and demanded they knock it off.

The Fallout

There’s been some beef between Musk and the ADL for a while now. The ADL and similar groups have been calling out hate speech on Musk’s platform for some time, something Musk doesn’t seem to agree with. He even threatened to sue the ADL a while back, blaming them for hitting ad sales on his social media platform.

The ADL’s Side

The ADL, on their end, has denied orchestrating any boycott or causing massive losses for Musk’s platform. They’ve been critical of Musk’s views and how he’s handled things on his platform since he took charge.

Back and Forth Drama

Musk and the ADL haven’t been seeing eye to eye. Musk accused them of spreading hate, while the ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, says Musk’s statements have fueled hate against their organization.

The Resumed Ads and Ongoing Tension

The ADL paused their ads on Musk’s platform for a bit but eventually decided to resume them to spread their message against hate. The tension between Musk and the ADL continues, and it doesn’t seem like it’s calming down anytime soon.

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