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Tekken World Tour 2024 Is Back–And More Exciting Than Ever!


Jan 10, 2024 #Tekken

Get ready for the mega return of the Tekken World Tour in 2024! Let’s dig into the deets and see what’s cooking for all you Tekken fanatics out there.

Tekken World Tour, what is it?

Imagine the Tekken World Tour as the Olympics of Tekken, the coolest fighting game ever. It’s where the absolute best duke it out to show off their mad skills. And guess what? The brand-new Tekken 8 is hitting the scene in late January 2023, just in time for the World Tour!

Joining Forces with EVO Japan 2024

This time, the Tekken World Tour is teaming up with EVO Japan 2024 – a double dose of gaming excitement! EVO Japan is a massive tournament, and now it’s officially part of the Tekken World Tour calendar. That means more battles, more thrills, and more chances to prove you’re the ultimate Tekken champ.

Meet the Cool Partners

To spice up this year’s World Tour, three awesome partners are in the mix – Chipotle, Venum, and Victrix. Let’s see what they’re bringing to the gaming table.

Chipotle – Powering Up with Goodness

You know Chipotle, right? It’s not just a yummy restaurant; now, it’s part of the Tekken World Tour squad! Chipotle is here to make sure all the players are fueled up and ready to rock in the virtual arena. Delicious food and epic gaming – now that’s a combo!

Venum – Tekken Style Clothing

Enter the knockout partnership! Venum, the super cool boxing apparel brand, is teaming up with Tekken. They’re not just cheering from the sidelines; they’re creating clothes inspired by Tekken characters like Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and Jin Kazama. Imagine strutting your stuff in Tekken-inspired gear – talk about leveling up your style!

Victrix – Controllers with a Twist

Get set for some serious gaming gear! Victrix, the hardware brand, is rolling out a series of eight special edition Tekken 8 controllers. These aren’t just for playing; they’re like SAB collector’s items for true Tekken fans. Imagine holding a piece of Tekken history right in your hands!

The Tekken World Tour Adventure

Kicking off on April 13th at EVO Japan, it will be a globe-trotting adventure. Forget virtual – these tour stops are real-life events! Master+, Master, Challenger, and Dojo are the four categories of competitions. Players rack up points, climb the global leaderboard, and the best ones snag a ticket to the Global Finals – the grand showdown of the Tekken season!

More Thrills at EVO Japan

EVO Japan is turning into a Tekken battleground. The top Tekken 8 players will duke it out in two Master+ qualifying events in April. These events are like the VIP parties of Tekken esports – the highest-rated showdowns you won’t want to miss!

Calling All Tournament Hosts!

Hold up, there’s more! The game’s developer is throwing the doors wide open for third-party organizers. A global Dojo tournament can now be applied for by them. It’s like spreading the Tekken love to every nook and cranny of the globe!

Wrapping Up the Tekken World Tour Fiesta

So, there you have it – the Tekken World Tour is back, bigger and better! With EVO Japan, Chipotle, Venum, and Victrix in the mix, this year’s tour is going to be off the charts. Get ready to cheer for your fave fighters and witness the most epic battles in the Tekken universe. It’s not just a tournament; it’s a gaming extravaganza you won’t want to miss! Game on, Tekken warriors!

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