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World of Video Games: WoW vs. StarCraft 2


Jan 3, 2024 #StarCraft 2

The Celestial Steed from World of Warcraft is the only horse that stands out in the fast-paced world of video games where images meet money. StarCraft 2 used to be the most popular e-sport, but former Blizzard worker Jason Hall has made a shocking discovery: this majestic mount earned more money than the whole StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty game. Let’s look into the interesting trip of the Celestial Steed and how it has affected Blizzard’s finances.

World of Video Games: The Sparkling Steed vs. StarCraft 2

When it came out in 2010, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty made a big splash in the game world thanks to its great strategy and competitive edge. But it had to deal with a surprise opponent: a $15 microtransaction horse in World of Warcraft. In a new movie, Jason Hall dropped the bomb: “StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty made less money than the horse.” In World of Warcraft, the first pony horse with sparkles. StarCraft 2 made less money than a $15 microtransaction horse.

The rise to fame of The Celestial Steed

What made this mount seem different from the rest of the mounts in the game? The Celestial Steed was the first store pet in World of Warcraft, making history. Even though it caused a stir when it came into the scene, players couldn’t help but be drawn to this magical being. Because the Celestial Steed was still so popular, Blizzard noticed the money coming in and saw the possibility of microtransactions.

World of Video Games: Microtransactions and the History of Blizzard

Moment by moment, microtransactions are a hot topic. This is especially true for games like Diablo 4, where expensive cosmetics are the norm. Blizzard doesn’t see a reason to slow down, though, as long as these deals keep bringing in more money than they cost to make. This sharp contrast between working on a game like StarCraft 2 for two years and making mounts in 50 hours shows why microtransactions are such an important part of modern gaming.

Microtransactions are coming to StarCraft in the future?

People in the gaming community are very excited about the possibility of a new StarCraft game at BlizzCon 2023. The recent takeover by Microsoft has only added to the excitement. With how well the Celestial Steed did and how popular microtransactions are right now, could StarCraft 3 be the next big thing for Blizzard’s money-making plans? With their Battle Pass models, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 have already set the stage for a possible change in how we play and pay for our favourite games.

World of Video Games: Riding the Wave of Money: The End

The Celestial Steed shows that gaming companies can make money in surprising ways in a world where game development and business strategy are always changing. It’s becoming clear that the real MVP isn’t always the game itself, but the digital creature that makes the creator the most money. This is true whether you’re leading armies in StarCraft or going on epic quests through Azeroth. Come on, fellow slotasiabet! Get ready for a wild ride, because the journey of microtransactions has only just started.

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